The #1 Myth about Meditation

In a world where people are over stressed, over worked, and over connected it only makes sense that yoga and meditation practices are in demand. Most people are told that the key to meditation is to stop thinking and clear your mind. Clearing your mind is like asking a person in a glass elevator not to look down.  We all have many things bouncing around in our minds throughout the day.  People who say it’s difficult to clear your mind, and think meditation is impossible, may be the people who need meditation the most.

The Truth is….


Your mind does not have to be clear while meditating.  In fact, having an unclear mind or thinking of things while meditating is expected.  When I meditate I always have an agenda.  The most important aspect of meditation for me is focusing on something such as a scripture or a song, and my breath.  Of course I will deviate from that but when my mind wonders I can quickly remember and regain focus on why I am mediating in the first place.  My advice to beginners is to have an agenda or focus when meditating and be able to recognize when your mind wonders so you can quickly get back to what you set out to focus on.

Posted on: April 15, 2015, by : Carl Bright

One thought on “The #1 Myth about Meditation

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