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Sometimes you need to get out in the open air, especially if your job is to hide in a ventilation duct and blow on people. Take a breather with these yoga hike options. Here are the class prices and descriptions for when you need them.

office_people2YOGA @ WORK CLASSES – Are you an employer wanting to relieve stress on your workers at a busy time in the season? Are you a team leader wanting your team to relax so that they can be more productive?  Do you want to improve the overall mental and physical health of your organization?  Try yoga at work with YogaPlusFit. A certified, experienced instructor will lead your organization through a hour long specialized yoga routine designed to strengthen, stretch and relax at your location. To schedule email date time and business location to or call 214-335-4538.

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shutterstock_60573367YOGA IN NATURE CLASSES – 10:30am Saturday’s
Location: 950 East Lawther Dr., Dallas, TX 75218

Yoga in nature is a yoga class set in a beautiful park, done in the shade of mature trees. This class allows students to have their bodies warmed by the sun and enjoy the singing of the birds with an excellent view of the lake and Downtown Dallas in the distance. Please RSVP at or call 214-335-4538. CLASS DATES: Beginning April 2nd, 2016


kidsYOGA PLUS FIT KIDS CLASSES – yoga literacy learning classes combines yoga with learning reading strategies through story telling. After fun series fun yoga poses students are read a story and asked comprehension questions and taught reading strategies by a certified school teacher with 7-years experiences in primary reading grades.
*Coming Soon*

GrouponYOGA HIKING CLASSES – joins the benefits of jogging and walking  with  yoga  while enjoying natural beauty of the outdoors. Effectively healing and stretching your body with yoga after pounding the pavement. We first warm your body with dynamic yoga poses and flow then midway through our hike we build strength with a series of strong standing yoga poses after finishing our hike we go through a short series of relaxing yoga poses with meditation. If do not pay online you must RSVP, email or call 214-335-4538.

-Price for hikes-
$20.00 for a single class
$35.00 couples discount
$60.00 a group of 4 one person free
$120.00 for a party of 6-8 or more

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