Meet Tao Porchon-Lynch, The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher!

At 95-years-young Tao Porchon-Lynch is taking the world by storm.  She has practiced yoga for 70 years and has trained students in France, India and the United States.  She has travels the world embodying the zest for life that accompanies practicing yoga.  She still teaches workshops and yoga classes at various yoga centers.  In 1982 she founded the Westchester Institute of Yoga training and certifying  hundreds of yoga teachers.  Porchon-Lynch is a true believer in the principles of yoga and it shows in her attitude, health and overall vitality.

She started her career as an actress moving on to writing screenplays and filming documentaries.  “To Light a Candle,” is a famous documentary she made about a 100-year-old philanthropist Dr. Welthy Fisher.  Porchon-Lynch also helped in the efforts to help bring television to India in the 1950’s.  She has published a meditation book, Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life, which includes details about guided meditation.

Currently she teaches different classes and workshops.  Please check out her website at form more information.

Traveling Got You Stiff? Yoga is the Answer

Yoga Exercises that Reduce Body Stiffness after Traveling

With warm summer weather, the urge to travel is ever present.   Long flights in small spaces can leave your body stiff with low energy. Here are a few tips on how to loosen your body up after a flight, right in the airport.

Neck stretch: Pick a hand and reach over the top of your head and lightly place your hand on the other side of your head near your ear.  Lightly pull your head toward the same side as the arm your reaching with.  Repeat on the opposite side.


Seated Half-moon: Inhale bring your belly button in stretch one hand in to the sky, and the other hand on the seat exhale and lean toward the hand that is placed on the seat.   Repeat on the opposite side.


Back bend: Inhale lifting your chest relaxing your head back then bring both arms behind you opening your shoulders and chest.


Low lunge: Move off your seat place one knee on the ground.  Step out with the opposite foot, with your knee bent walk foot out past your knee a little inhale and straighten your spine, exhale press your hips forward.   Repeat on the opposite side.


Spine twist: Inhale straighten your spine, place one hand behind you and the other hand on the knee toward your twist.  Exhale and twist.  Repeat on the opposite side.



The #1 Myth about Meditation

In a world where people are over stressed, over worked, and over connected it only makes sense that yoga and meditation practices are in demand. Most people are told that the key to meditation is to stop thinking and clear your mind. Clearing your mind is like asking a person in a glass elevator not to look down.  We all have many things bouncing around in our minds throughout the day.  People who say it’s difficult to clear your mind, and think meditation is impossible, may be the people who need meditation the most.

The Truth is….


Your mind does not have to be clear while meditating.  In fact, having an unclear mind or thinking of things while meditating is expected.  When I meditate I always have an agenda.  The most important aspect of meditation for me is focusing on something such as a scripture or a song, and my breath.  Of course I will deviate from that but when my mind wonders I can quickly remember and regain focus on why I am mediating in the first place.  My advice to beginners is to have an agenda or focus when meditating and be able to recognize when your mind wonders so you can quickly get back to what you set out to focus on.

Become a Better Athlete Naturally with Yoga

athlete yoga plus fit

Being an athlete in today’s competitive environment requires top performers to be in impeccable shape. Athletes are different from athletes of yesterday because they have access to greater tools, resources and knowledge about the body. One of the greatest and heavily utilized resources available to athletes is Yoga. Yoga helps improve your body in a number of ways. The best part about athletes using Yoga is that it is completely natural, low impact, yet still garnishes efficient and impactful results.

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Best Yoga Pants for Men

Yoga pants are very fashionable and trendy right now! Women love them and Men love women who wear them. But with yoga becoming more unisex by the day, Men are looking for the appropriate gear to do Yoga in as well. Here is my top 3 list of the best yoga pants for Men. The list is based on comfort, fashion, and functionality.


pants 1 yoga plus fit1. Dark Brown Fisherman Pants

Sold at

These pants are extremely comfortable. The fabric is very soft and the fit is perfect. I also think they are very fashionable. They remind me of something cool you may have seen on the Matrix. They are very masculine and you don’t have to worry about feeling out of place in a yoga class as a guy in these.

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